As of October 2018, standard type Fumoto-branded drain valves will no longer be available from Fumoto Australia. Only SX and BSX Series valves will be available.

For standard type drain valves, please follow the link below. This range of drain valves is not affiliated with the Fumoto brand.

Warranty and support for all Fumoto branded products purchased from will still exist. Please contact us at


SX Series oil drain valves are made especially for recessed drain holes. The SX Series features a banjo-type fitting which rotates about 360 degrees.

On some vehicles, such as some VW Amarok and Touareg the only drain valve that will fit is F106SX.

We have limited sizes available in SX Series.
F101SX - 1/2"-20 UNF
F102SX - PF-3/8"
F103SX - 12mm-1.25
F106SX - 14mm-1.5
F107SX - 12mm-1.75
F109SX - 12mm-1.5
F111SX - 14mm-1.25
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BSX Series oil drain valves are designed for small engine applications such as motorcycles. The valve is made as compact as possible and features a banjo-type fitting that rotates around 360 degrees.

A hex tool is required to fit the BSX Series valve.

Sizes available in the BSX Series are
B101SX - 1/2"-20 UNF
B103SX - 12mm-1.25
B106SX - 14mm-1.5
B109SX - 12mm-1.5
B111SX - 14mm-1.25
B158SX - 5/8"-18 UNF
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