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ARCHIVED WEBSITE - Standard type valves are no longer available from Fumoto Australia.

"Chances are there will be a valve to suit your application, whether it be car, truck, boat, plane or bike."

It is highly likely we have a valve to suit your vehicle or application.

If your vehicle is not listed, you can send us a sample sump plug to match a valve with. See the contact page for where to send it.

The other option is to measure your sump plug.

How to measure:
Using Vernier calipers, measure the diameter of the threaded section of the sump plug. This may be all we need to match your sump plug with a valve.

If possible, also measure the distance between 2 thread peaks for the pitch. A more accurate way to do this is to measure the distance between 6 peaks and divide by 5. The best way to do this is to use thread gauges.

If you take your sump plug to a specialist bolt shop, they will be able to accurately determine the size for you.

Send the measurements to us, stating the vehicle make, model, year and engine capacity and we will try to match it with a valve.

Please contact us for more information.

Part no. Size AU$ Part no. Size AU$
F-102 N/A   F101S 1/2"-20 UNF  
F-103 12mm-1.25   F102S PF-3/8 (16.6mm/5/8-18)  
F-104 18mm-1.5   F103S 12mm-1.25  
F-105 20mm-1.5   F104S 18mm-1.5  
F-106 14mm-1.5   F105S 20mm-1.5  
F-107 12mm-1.75   F106S 14mm-1.5  
F-108 16mm-1.5   F107S 12mm-1.75  
F-109 12mm-1.5   F108S 16mm-1.5  
F-110 Not available   F109S 12mm-1.5  
F-111 14mm-1.25   F110S, F111S, F124S not available
F-124 Not available    
F101N 1/2"-20 UNF   F101SX 1/2"-20 UNF  
F102N PF-3/8 (16.6mm/5/8-18)   F102SX PF-3/8 (16.6mm/5/8-18)  
F103N 12mm-1.25   F103SX 12mm-1.25  
F104N 18mm-1.5        
F105N 20mm-1.5        
F106N 14mm-1.5   F106SX 14mm-1.5  
F107N 12mm-1.75   F107SX 12mm-1.75  
F108N 16mm-1.5   F108SX 16mm-1.5  
F109N 12mm-1.5   F109SX 12mm-1.5  
F110N NPT 3/8-18        
F111N 14mm-1.25   F111SX 14mm-1.25  
F124N 10mm-1.25        
T-200 NPT 1-12   T200N NPT 1-12  
T-201 NPT 3/4-14   T201N NPT 3/4-14  
T-202 NPT 1/2-14   T202N NPT 1/2-14  
T-203 1"-18 UNF   T203N 1"-18 UNF  
T-204 3/4"-16 UNF   T204N 3/4"-16 UNF  
T-205 1 1/8"-12 UNF   T205N 1 1/8"-12 UNF  
T-206 7/8"-14 UNF   T206N 7/8"-14 UNF  
T-207 26mm-1.5   T207N 26mm-1.5  
T-208 7/8"-18 UNF   T208N 7/8"-18 UNF  
T-209 1"-14UNC   T209N 1"-14UNC  
T-211 27mm-2.0   T211N 27mm-2.0  
FG-2 Not available   FG2N 18mm-1.5 large  
FG-3 Not available   FG3N 20mm-1.5 large  
FG-5 25mm-1.5   FG5N 25mm-1.5  
FG-6 24mm-2.0   FG6N 24mm-2.0  
FG-7 30mm-1.5   FG7N 30mm-1.5  
FG-7B 22mm-1.5   FG7BN 22mm-1.5  
FG-8 24mm-1.5   FG8N 24mm-1.5  
Adaptors are used when the drain hole is recessed and does not allow a valve to seat properly onto the sump.
Part no. Size AU$ Part no. Size AU$
ADP-103 12mm-1.25   ADP-201 3/4-14 NPT  
ADP-104 18mm-1.5   ADP-204 3/4-16 UNF  
ADP-106 14mm-1.5 (15mm long)   ADP-205 1 1/8"-12 UNF  
ADL-106 14mm-1.5 (25mm long)   ADP-207 26mm-1.5  
ADP-107 12mm-1.75   ADP-211 27mm-2.0  
ADP-108 16mm-1.5   ADP-22 M22-1.5  
ADP-109 12mm-1.5 (15mm long)   ADL-22 M22-1.5 (long)  
ADL-109 12mm-1.5 (25mm long)   ADP-710    
ADP-111 14mm-1.25        
ADP-116 1-1/16"x 12UNC        
ADP-F58 5/8"-18UNF to
  ADP-BSP1/4 1/4" BSP adaptor
to F-106
ADP-C58 5/8"-11UNC to
Part no. Size AU$ Part no. Size AU$
LC-10 for F valves   SL-10 90° elbow for F  
LC-15 for FG and T   SL-15 90° elb for FG/T  
F-CAP for F valves   F-HOSE 1m 10mm hose  
T-CAP for FG & T valves   T-HOSE 1m 16mm hose  
If your vehicle is not listed, please contact us


Small valves come in three types - Standard (no nipple), S-series (short nipple) and N-series (long nipple). HOW TO CHOOSE

Medium and large valves only come in Standard (no nipple) and N-Series (long nipple). Some large valves are only available in N-series.

Please see info page for selecting a type.

If your vehicle is not listed, please contact us

Make Model Size (mm) Part no.
Alpha Romeo All models 22mm-1.5 FG7B
Audi 5cyl 90/90 Quattro('90-'91 20 valve), 100/100 Quattro('92-'94), 200 Quattro('90-'91 20 valve) 26mm-1.5 T-207
Audi 80/80 Quattro('88-'92), 90/90 Quattro('88-'91), 100/100 Quattro('89-'91), 200/200 Quattro('89-'91) 14mm-1.5 F-106
Audi 80/80 Quattro('88-'92), 90/90 Quattro('88-'91), 100/100 Quattro('89-'91), 200/200 Quattro('89-'91) 14mm-1.5 F-106
Audi 97 & on, A4/A4 Quattro(4 cyl.) & TT(1.8L Turbo)--- *Require adaptor ADP-207 due to recessed plug 26mm-1.5 *T-207
Audi S2('91-'96), S4('92-'94), S6('95-''97), Cabriolet('94-'98), A4/A4 Quattro(4 cyl.-upto '96), A6/A6 Quattro('95-'96) 26mm-1.5 T-207
Audi S4 V6TT 98-on), S6('01-on), A4/A4 Quattro(V6), A6/A6 Quattro('97-on), Allroad('01 & on) 14mm-1.5 F-106
Audi V8 Quattro('90-'94), A8/A8 Quattro('97-on) 24mm-1.5 FG-8
Audi All other models 14mm-1.5 F-106
BMW All models up to 1980 22mm-1.5 FG7B
BMW All models from 1981 & on (oil pans with recessed plug require adaptor ADP-109) 12mm-1.5 F-109
Chevrolet 85 - '88 Nova, '98 & on Prizm(Toyota engine) 12mm-1.25 F-103
Chevrolet 1.5L. 1.8L, 1.9L, 2.2L Diesel, 6.6L Diesel & Sprint engines. '98 & on Metro, Tracker(Suzuki engine). 14mm-1.5 F-106
Chevrolet 2.2L(Gas), 2.3L, 2.5L, 3.1L, 4.9L engines. 2.8L('87-'93) & 4.3L(up to '89) 12mm-1.75 F-107
Chevrolet 4.3L engines ('90-'95) All other engines up to '95 1/2-20 UNF F-101
Chevrolet 1996 & on, all except Metro & 6.6L diesel('99-on 4.3L, 4.8L, 5.3L, 5.7L, 6.0L require adaptor ADP-107) 12mm-1.75 F-107
Chrysler 2.6L & 3.0L engines (July/'82 & on), All Mitsubishi engines. '99-on (2.4L, 2.7L, 3.2L, 3.3L, 3.5L, 3.8L) engines, '01-on PT Cruiser, '05-on 5.7L, 6.1L 14mm-1.5 F-106
Chrysler All other engines(including 4.9L). 1/2-20 UNF F-101
Daewoo All models 14mm-1.5 F-106
Daihatsu All models 12mm-1.25 F-103
Daimler * contact us. Most Daimler also require ADP-F58 14mm-1.5 F-106
Ferrari * contact us. 22mm-1.5 FG7B
Fiat All models 22mm-1.5 FG7B
Ford Falcon AU/BA/BF/EL/FG 4.0L 6cyl, AU 5.6L V8, BF 5.4L V8, F350, 12mm-1.75 F-107
Ford Falcon EA/EB/ED/EF 4.0L 6cyl 12mm-1.5 F-109
Ford Falcon BA 5.4L V8, Capri '89-'94, Cortina 2.0L, Courier, Econovan, Escape, Escort 2.0L, Explorer, Festiva, Fiesta, Laser, Meteor, Mondeo, Probe, Telstar, Transit Van F250 14mm-1.5 F-106
Ford All 4 cylinder engines (except '96 & on 2.3L, '98 & on 2.5L, '97 - on Escort & Focus engines) 14mm-1.5 F-106
Ford 00 - on Focus 2.0L SOHC engine, '97 - on Escort 2.0L. '96 & on 2.3L, '98 & on 2.5L, '97 & on 4.2L engines. Focus RS 2.3L needs ADP-107 or F107SX 12mm-1.75 F-107
Ford 00 - on Focus 2.0L DOHC engine. 5.0L('91 & on), 5.8L('93 & on), 7.5L(460 - July '85 & on), V-10(6.8L) engine 14mm-1.5 F-106
Ford 2.8L, 2.9L, 3.0L(except 24V), 3.2L, 3.4L, 4.0L, 4.6L & 5.4L engines 14mm-1.5 F-106
Ford 7.3L diesel engine('95 & on). 6.0L diesel engine('03 & on) 14mm-1.25 F-111
Ford 94 3.8L(Mustang requires adaptor ADP-106) 14mm-1.5 F-106
Ford 95 - on 3.8L engine (requires adaptor ADP-107) V6 2.5L('96 & on), 4.2L('96 & on), 3.0L(24V) 12mm-1.75 F-107
Ford All other engines 1/2-20 UNF F-101
Holden Astra (01-04), Barina, Calibra, Camira, Frontera, Gemini, Jackaroo, Rodeo, Shuttle, Vectra 14mm-1.5 F-106
Holden Apollo, Astra (87-89), Nova 12mm-1.25 F-103
Holden Kingswood HK-HZ,WB, Statesman (71-85), Torana (68-78) 1/2-20 UNF F-101
Holden Commodore VB, VC, VH, VK (11/78-02/88) 1/2-20 UNF F-101
Holden Commodore VL 3L 6cyl (03/86-07/88) 16mm-1.5 F-108
Holden Commodore VL V8 (03/86-07/88) 1/2-20 UNF F-101
Holden Commodore VN, VP, VQ, VR (03/89-04/95), VS (with 12mm plug) 12mm-1.75 F-107
Holden Commodore VS (with 25mm plug) 25mm-1.5 FG-5
Holden Commodore VT V6 (with 14mm plug), VT V8 14mm-1.5 F-106
Holden Commodore VT V6 (with 24mm plug), VX, VX2, VY, Statesman WK, WH (3.8L V6) 24mm-1.5 FG-8
Holden Commodore VX V8, VY V8, VE V6 3.6L 12mm-1.75 F-107
Honda All models up to 1983 20mm-1.5 F-105
Honda 98 & on, Accord(4cyl.), Prelude, S2000 require adaptor ADP-106 (15mm) or ADL-106 (25mm)) 14mm-1.5 F-106
Honda 99 & on V6 engines require adaptor ADL-106 14mm-1.5 *F-106
Honda All other models from '84 & on 14mm-1.5 F-106
Hyundai All models 14mm-1.5 F-106
Infinity All models 12mm-1.25 F-103
Isuzu 2x4 Pup engines & 4BD1 truck engines 20mm-1.5 F-105
Isuzu 89 - '91 Trooper II 12mm-1.75 F-107
Isuzu All other engines 14mm-1.5 F-106
Jaguar 98 & on, V8 engines 14mm-1.5 F-106
Jaguar 00 & on, V6 engines 12mm-1.75 F-107
Jeep 2.1L Diesel('85-'87), 2.5L(up to '91), 4.0L(up to '91), & 4.2L(up to '91) engines 14mm-1.25 F-111
Jeep V8 4.7L('99 & on), V6 3.7L('02 & on) 14mm-1.5 F-106
Jeep All other engines 1/2-20 UNF F-101
Kia All models. ('00 - on models require adaptor ADP-106) 14mm-1.5 F-106
Land Rover Discovery (No valve suitable for models with BSP1/4" sump plug - approx 13.2mm) 14mm-1.5 F-106
Lexus All models 12mm-1.25 F-103
Mazda All models. Some models with recessed sump require ADP-106 or ADL-106 extension. 14mm-1.5 F-106
Mercedes 190E(2.6 & 2.3 - 16), 190E(2.3 - '85 to '93), 190D(2.5), 190D(2.2 - '85 to '89) 14mm-1.5 F-106
Mercedes 300TD(up to '85), 300CD, 240D, 280E, 280CE, 280SE, 190D(2.2-up to '84), 190E(2.3-up to '84) 12mm-1.5 F-109
Mercedes 350 SDL, 300TE, 300SDL, 300SE, 300SEL, 300D('87), 300TD('87), 300CE, 300E, C280, 260E 14mm-1.5 F-106
Mercedes 560SEL, 560SEC, 500SEL, 500SEC, 450SEL, 420SEL, 400E, 380SE, 300SD, 300D(up to '85) 12mm-1.5 F-109
Mercedes 560SL, 450SL, 450SLC, 380SL, 380SLC 26mm-1.5 T-207
Mercedes All other models from '86 & on (incl. Sprinter Van) 14mm-1.5 F-106
Mini Cooper 03 & on, all models 14mm-1.5 F-106
Mitsubishi All models ('01 & on Pajero requires adaptor ADL-106) 14mm-1.5 F-106
Nissan Models up to '89 PF-3/8 F-102
Nissan Models from 1990 & on 12mm-1.25 F-103
Nissan Navara '03 on **See note below
Nissan Patrol Y60(GQ) **See note 12mm-1.25 F-103
Nissan Patrol Y61(GU) w/ 4.2L **See note below
Nissan Patrol Y61(GU) w/ 2.8L, 3.0L **See note below
Nissan Patrol Y61(GU) w/ 4.8L **See note below
Nissan Sentra('83 & on), Pulsar('83 & on), 200SX('84 & on), Gas trucks, 300ZX, Maxima('85& on) 12mm-1.25 F-103
Nissan Stanza Wagon('86 & on) 12mm-1.25 F-103
Peugeot 505 Gas Turbo 20mm-1.5 F-105
Peugeot All other models 16mm-1.5 F-108
Porsche 911(All), 928(up to '81), 930(up to '77) 22mm-1.5 FG7B
Porsche 912E, 914 12mm-1.5 F-109
Porsche 924 26mm-1.5 T-207
Porsche 928('82 & on), 930('78 & on), 944(All) 20mm-1.5 F-105
Porsche Boxter('97 & on) 18mm-1.5 F-104
Renault All models 16mm-1.5 F-108
Saab All models 14mm-1.5 F-106
Subaru BR-Z 16mm-1.5 F-108
Subaru 2009-on Forester, Liberty, Outback. ***See note below
Subaru 2012-on Forester, Liberty 16mm-1.5 F-108
Subaru Most models before 2009 20mm-1.5 F-105
Subaru Models 2009-on. EJ engines F-105. FA, FB engines mostly F-108. See note. ***See note below
Suzuki All models. Some may require ADP-106 adaptor for recessed drain holes. 14mm-1.5 F-106
Toyota 85 & on Tercel, Celica, MR2, Gas Corolla, Gas trucks 12mm-1.25 F-103
Toyota Land Cruiser(up to '81) 25mm-1.5 FG-5
Toyota Land Cruiser ('82 to '87 July), Supra ('79 - 85) 18mm-1.5 F-104
Toyota Land Cruiser ('87 August & on) 12mm-1.25 F-103
Toyota FT-86 16mm-1.5 F-108
Toyota All models from 1988 on 12mm-1.25 F-103
Volvo All 4 cylinder engines. Other engines up to '75 3/4-16 UNF T-204
Volvo 5 cylinder *(engines with recessed plug require adaptor ADP-104) 18mm-1.5 *F-104
Volvo 6 cylinder engines('76 - '82) 16mm-1.5 F-108
Volvo 6 cylinder engines('83 & on). Diesel Turbo engines 18mm-1.5 F-104
VW 98-'99 1.8L Turbo(Passat)--- *Requires adaptor ADP-207 due to recessed plug 26mm-1.5 *T-207
VW Transporter 5cyl. (Petrol/Diesel engines) *May Require adaptor ADP-207 due to recessed plug 26mm-1.5 *T-207
VW All other water cooled engines('99 & on oil pans with recessed plug require adaptor ADP-106) 14mm-1.5 F-106

*adaptor required for oil pans with recessed oil plug.

If you use a 22mm spanner to undo your sump plug you need F-102
If you use a 14mm spanner to undo your sump plug you need F-103

*** SUBARU 2009-on
Some Subaru models have a 20mm sump plug (F-105), some have 16mm (F-108). Please contact us and we will advise.

Prices may be subject to change without notice.

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